It’s Finally Here!

“Explore, Learn, & Color Guam” has been one of the biggest challenges my husband Tom and I have undertaken. We’re both tech people and love anything creative. This book challenged us artistically, literally, and technically. The most important thing is we got to work with each other and we had to learn on a shoestring budget how to create the audio right down to taking out any pops, roosters crowing in the background, cats meowing, dogs barking, and our kids using their outside voices.

It took a little over a year to complete our interactive book.. I don’t know how we managed to get it done but to say we were driven and we truly believed in this book. It is our island’s history and our language and we felt so many people could benefit from it. We wanted to make it fun and inspire parents to take their kids to the park to explore, learn and color. We wanted people to learn how unique and what a special place Guam is. Let’s face it.. we are lucky — we live in paradise and we should celebrate that everyday along with our culture, our tradition, and our language.



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