Heliconias, Family & Friendships

Heliconia’s are one of my favorite plants. We started growing them three years ago in our front yard. I thought it would make a great addition to Color Guam’s growing art catalog. At the same time I started gardening them I thought about Georgia O’Keeffe and her massive size oil paintings of flowers. It’s hard not to look at her paintings and not feel a certain calmness to them. I find her paintings whispering “find and recognize the beauty around you.” The magnitude of which extends itself to our love for our family and friendships. We are so lucky and blessed to live in an island where we are surrounded by such beauty. This session in particular I got to witness a group of long time friends gather together to celebrate a birthday, a loving parent who gifted her daughter with a painting session, several mothers partner with their daughters and a son and two excited friends poke fun at one another. A big cheers to all of you who took the time to give yourselves the gift of happiness and paint one of our islands favorite flowers.


img_7902.jpg    img_7896.jpg    img_7901.jpg

img_7897.jpg    img_7882.jpg    img_7903.jpg
img_7903.jpg    img_7893.jpg    img_7905.jpg
img_7906.jpg  img_7873.jpg



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