Color Guam book signings

Since the release of our book “Explore, Learn and Color Guam.”  Tom and I have been busy setting up at Chamorro Village, delivering books to retailers, creating banners, sharing our stories of our favorite historical sites on Guam, and demonstrating the way our book works. We have signed over 200 books in less than a month and have had so many people congratulate us and tell us how glad someone finally wrote a fun historical book on Guam.

Honestly, what we feature in the book is just a fraction of our history. There is so much more to tell and so much more to learn about our island and we hope that our book inspires all of you who read and experience it to dig deeper. I remember the first time we took our kids to the South Pacific Peace Memorial Park, they loved the adventure of walking down the narrow steps to the unknown. When we finally turned a corner they were thrilled to see the caves. They took off on their own. As a parent it was a bit challenging to explain the history of Mataguac. How does one explain war to a child without spoiling the moment? Believe me they will ask questions because they’re curious and they want to know. They’re going to ask, Mom/Dad what’s this place? We just did the best we could, but then there were more questions. My husband and I just looked at each  other and  explained that although people lost their lives, the most important thing is that a monument of the two hands pressed together was built to signify prayer, peace and never forget how lucky we are to have our freedom.

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