Coffee, Canvas & Latte!

In celebration of “Mes Chamorro,”  Festpac delegate artist,  and owner of Color Guam – Taliea Stroheyer,  invited local residents on Guam to paint islands most celebrated icon, the latte, also known as the “Latte Stone” at the Hyatt Regency Resort Guam on March 13th, 2016.

The latte is a Chamorro term that refers to stone pillars and cup-shaped capstones that represent the foundation of a home to the ancient people of the Mariana Islands. They were also referred to as “cases del los antiguos” (house of the ancients). No other culture is known to have used this particular type of stone architecture which is made of limestone, basalt or sandstone. Lattes were normally arranged in sets of six, eight, ten, twelve or fourteen with thatched structures built on them.

Used during Guam’s late prehistoric period from 1200BP to 300 BP, they were later abandoned after Spanish colonization. They could be found throughout our island. In the capitol of Guam, Hågatña,  lattes were moved from the Mepu region to what is known today as the Senator Angel L.G. Santos Memorial Park. For more information on the history of guam visit

Thank you to the the staff & management of the Hyatt Regency Resort Guam for the excellent hospitality, my assistants, Sheila, Kayla and Pedro and to all my new friends who took time of during their busy schedules to paint such an inspiring icon. I hope that your unique masterpiece hangs proudly in your home!

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